Designed for people, built for scale.
Our mission is to build an exploit-free, yet high-performance financial system for everyone.
Decentralization is important for those who are in crypto today. We believe that for many who aren't involved yet, little more centralized solutions will work better.
Just as banks can reject a suspicious transactions, Konsta can prevent hacking and theft.
Konsta provide assets safety not only by Web3 technologies use, but also with a professional human skills in the field of crypto security.
By design, there will always be flexibility option to become more decentralized if needed.
The world’s first fully public blockchain with integrated elements of Proof-of-Authority and Proof-of-Stake.
Konsta combine best from both CeFi and DeFi.
Later on in our journey of making crypto space more secure, we are planning to launch the biggest S2E (Secure-to-Earn) incentive program for both private users and companies.
is mass adoption of basic and advanced security measures, which can save billions for the industry as a whole.
The expected result
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