Konsta Media Kit

Konsta is a Proof of Authority (PoA) decentralized blockchain built to enable fast and exploit-free future for everyone

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If you’re interested in writing about Konsta, adding our logo to your website, or including us in a slide deck, you’ve come to the right place.
Logo (PNG, SVG)

Logo usage guidelines

When using the Konsta logo, keep these things in mind:
Always leave generous space around the logo so it’s never cramped
Maintain the original aspect ratio and do not distort the logo
Use the recommended colors and do not recolor the logo
Use the correct format for the medium (e.g. PDF for print, SVG for web)
Use the correct size so it’s not ‘pixelated’ or ‘blurry’

Color Palette

Accent - Pink
RGB 220 117 201
Accent - Violet
RGB 119 100 224
Accent - Green
RGB 112 241 180

Logo usage examples

The logo looks best on a dark background, not a light one. This is the optimal use of the logo in print or on most websites.

Logo usage crimes

Please don’t stretch or distort the logo, use it with an unapproved color, add drop shadows, use it on top of an unapproved background color, complicated background image, or in a container where there’s not enough room for the logo.